Sep 4, 2009

What is "The Neighborly Way"?

Hello Neighbors,

Many thanks for those of you who have helped us support the Auburn "Highway 49 Fire" relief efforts. We plan to drop off another huge batch of clothing this weekend. This is a great community, and we very much appreciate the support from everyone.

For us... This is more than propaganda. Helping the communities where we live is part of our operating philosophy we call "The Neighborly Way". Take a look at point #9:

The Neighborly Way

1) Service - NOT Sales

2) Be the Industry and Market Expert

3) Advisors, Coaches, and Teachers

4) Respect for the Client, Team Member, Partners, and Peers

5) Communicate Frequently - with Fact, Tact, and Truth

6) Integrity First, Honesty Always

7) Earn and Encourage Trust

8) Personal Earnings are Second to Client Service and Their Satisfaction

9) Repay our Communities, Promote Charity

10) Protect and Promote the Environment

11) Deliver a Single One Stop Shop Experience

12) Unwavering Belief in The American Dream

Our name was chosen very intentionally. "Neighborly" is the way we conduct ourselves. These points guide our decision making and our actions. The "Neighborly Way" is much more than a simple tagline - it's how we live.

Thanks again,


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