Sep 29, 2009


Hello Neighbors,

That's our toll free number.

This blog post isn't industry news or an update on our services... it's simply an entry to help the search engines.

Please excuse the odd use of the blog space.

It appears that a collections company in Utah (we think it's Utah) is using our number inappropriately.

We wanted to help clear this up by getting out a note to those who may be Googling the 18009600860 or 1-800-960-0860 number.

If you find this blog entry when searching for your collections agency / company... know that the number is wrong. We wish you the best of luck, but can't help you with your search. The 1.800.960.0860 number is used to provide real estate and lending services, certainly not collections! We are not related to a collections company in any way.

While we enjoy entrepreneurship, "Neighborly Collections" certainly isn't a business model we are pursuing!

Good luck.

- Jim

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