Apr 1, 2011

"Customer Service"? - An Open Letter to Chase Bank

Hello Neighbors,

We rarely use this forum for anything other than updates, but here is something a bit different.

In a - now common - example of "customer service", take a read through this note about my relationship with Chase Bank (JPMorgan Chase).

Unfortunately, this is far too common in today's business world. Too common.

Want to avoid "service" like this? Come work with us! We will treat your family as you deserve.

Here you go - an open letter to Chase Bank:

Amazing Chase.

Stunning actually.

I have an account that has been open with you since 1987.

The account has changed hands several times as the banks have consolidated and merged. The last 3 steps were Great Western -> Washington Mutual -> Chase.

The account had $.02 in it.

A few years ago the checkbook was stolen. I was robbed when on a screening trip for rental property.

In discussion with you (as Washington Mutual at the time) we decided to keep the account open so we could watch for fraud.

Together, you and I decided to leave $.02 so we could do just that.


You took my two cents.

That's right.

You took my two cents.

The account has been in existence since the late 1980s – 24 years in total. It had $.02 in it. You took it.

Part of your new "$10 service fee" plan.

Some plan.

I have another small account with you in place today. Balance as I type this is a bit over $2100.

I will be pulling all of my money out of my accounts and ending my relationship with you. After 24 years.

Thanks a lot.

It's been going since the late 1980s, and you just killed our relationship - over two cents.

Nice job.

Customer service at it's finest.

You should be proud of yourselves.

I will broadcast this story heavily.

Jim Harris
Soon to be ex-Chase account owner.

Jan 13, 2011

WOW - 1 Million Homes Foreclosed On in 2010

Hello Neighbors,

Take a look at this article from CNN:


1 Million Homes. Foreclosed. 2010.