Sep 22, 2009

"Nice Guy Realty & Loans"

Maybe that's what we should be called...

Hello Neighbors,

I just spoke with a gentleman who needs a home loan - his first.

In the conversation we learned that he has great credit, makes a good living, doesn't yet have a mortgage, and would be the ideal borrower.

We also learned that he has an auto loan with Golden One Credit Union, and that he was in the military several years ago.


We sent him away!

Yep. First, we told him to contact Golden One (the credit union). If he has a consumer debt instrument (car loan) with them, he may be able to combine that existing auto product with a home loan, and qualify for a greater purchase price (while keeping his overall expenditures down).

Second, we told him to call USAA (1-800-531-8722). They have loan programs and fees that are tailored specifically to veterans and service personnel.

Third? We told him to call us back if he wanted to - but that he would likely save money if he went with Options 1 or 2.

We get into conversations like this all the time. It may not help our bottom line much, but it sure helps with our karma accounts.

...problem is, karma doesn't blog.


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