Jun 1, 2009

Professional US Wide Real Estate "HEAD HUNTING" Services!

Hello Neighbors,

EXCITING NEWS. We’ve formalized one of our most important activities.

For the last couple of years, we’ve been helping home sellers in different US states find good Listing Agents for their homes as they prepare to sell and move to our area.

Conversely, we’ve been helping our clients who sell a home here – when they need to find a good Buyer’s Agent in their new city and state. We’ve helped Buyers and Sellers all over the United States… New York, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, Iowa, …….really, all over the United States!


We’ve become your favorite real estate HEAD HUNTERs!

By getting on the phone and interviewing agents all over the US – and finding the best real estate professional to help our clients – no matter where they are moving to or from!

We spend hours on the phone screening these people, to make sure our clients get the best service available. It is an enjoyable process, and one that we feel really good doing.

So Now What?

We’ve opened that service up to everyone! Yep, the policies and procedures are in place to do this on a greater scale.

We’ve created a new website for your use (two actually) to see how these programs and services work. Take a look at:

* www.CashOutoftheBayArea.com and

* www.CashOutofCalifornia.com

Behind each web site?

Information, tools, forms…. And most importantly, recorded audio script - available 24 x 7 through our new toll free 1-800-960-0860 service.

Call today and listen to these helpful topics:

Extension Number & Topic

0011 Who Are We?
1001 How Does this Head Hunting Service Work?
1101 What Does it Cost You?
1201 What Makes a Good Listing Agent?
1301 What is a Buyer’s Agent?
1401 How do we Screen Listing Agents for You?
1501 How Will we Find You a Good Buyer’s Agent?
1601 Will a Loan Modification Work For You?
1701 Where Can We Help You?
1801 Why Should You Use This Service?
1901 Can You Help Me with a Purchase Loan?
1911 Can You Help Me with a Refinance Loan?
1921 Can You Help Me with an Investment Loan?
2001 Really, You Charge No Fees?

We couldn’t be happier to have rolled this program out for you. The feedback on our Head Hunting efforts has always been positive. Now we bring it to you!

Enjoy, and Happy Head Hunting (with us)!

- Jim



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