Jun 29, 2009

How Quick Can We Sell? How About 3 Offers in 10 Hours?

Hello Neighbors,


You use this site to keep up on the latest market activities. No spin, just good solid data.

Here is an example of how insane the markets are right now, from one of our own listings (in Marysville, CA).

We listed a house in Marysville for $79,800 at 11:00pm on Saturday the 20th. Within 10 hours, we had 3 written offers. We had more verbally promised offers, but those don't count (unless we see it in writing, it doesn’t exist).

Amazing market conditions if you are selling - and IF you are at the right price point.

Before going into escrow (roughly 7 days after listing) we had 13 very solid offers. Some were all cash. Most were above list price. 13 written offers.


Competition in the entry-level housing markets is incredible. Foreclosures continue to dry up. Short Sales continue to take forever - although some lenders are getting better.

Now What?

If you are a family and need to sell - we can get it done for you, and quickly AS LONG AS YOU PRICE ACCORDINGLY and you are in the "entry-level" price points. If you are at the very top of the high end market segments... we may not be able to sell. Those purchase dollars are still missing in action. Sorry Jan and Dave!

Wild times indeed.

- Jim




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