Jun 12, 2009

Are Low Mortgage Rates Gone for Good ??

Hello Neighbors,

This article from John Graham, the Neighborly Financial manager:

In light of the recent run-up in mortgage rates, one has to ask if the low rates are gone for good. After all it was hard to imagine rates being at 4.75% for a 30 year fixed loan. At this time, I think these rates are gone. Why? Well, everyone is now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for the recession. Stocks are up over 25% from the March '09 lows, with confidence growing. People are selling bonds with relatively low yields - moving to higher yielding stocks. As people sell bonds, the interest rates move up.

Add to this all the federal spending that will be pushed into the economy in the coming months. Money that will generally not hit the economy till it's too late. Think of it as giving stimulants to a hyperactive person - not a good outcome....

This is the outcome everyone is worrying about now. How do we keep the economy from getting out of control on the other side - with runaway inflation the primary fear. The main weapon in controlling a runaway economy is interest rates on various financial instruments.

As people sell bonds, and the fed is deciding how high and how fast to raise rates, mortgage rates are the first to suffer. After all the fed had a program to buy mortgage backed securities, to artificially drive these down. Now in light of the changing economic times, they are backing away from this program in the first step to let rates rise.

So.... what does this mean to the average borrower? Get ready for higher rates. If you have not refinanced, and if it makes sense, do it now! Remember, any rate below 6% is still a good rate.

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