Dec 2, 2008

Our Sympathies

Hello Neighbors,

The ordeal in India from the last few days is over, but there is much healing to be done.

We want to extend our sympathies to those Indian families who were impacted.

This event holds special relevance to us. I stayed at the Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai several years ago. The hotel was stunning. The staff was amazingly friendly and helpful. Whenever you walked by, they stopped what they were doing to say hello. Amazingly too, they all knew your name... "Hello Mr. Harris". It didn't matter if they were working the front desks, or cleaning a room. The entire staff knew.

I was there on Hewlett-Packard business at the time. Jenny followed me a few years later (also for HP) and stayed at the Taj Hotel. Ironically, those were the two hotels attacked.

Jenny and I were saddened by these events, and the loss of the Oberoi and Taj staff. We wish those families our best.

We were glad to learn that the Indian families we work with locally (to help them with their Real Estate needs) weren't impacted.

Take care everyone, and look out for your Neighbors,

- Jim

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