Dec 10, 2008

Pest Report Repairs – Licensed Contractors Required?

Hello Neighbors,

In California, the short answer... Nope!

With regard to repairs, licensed contractors aren’t required: Take a look at the text in the actual pest inspection report on page 2. It says “OWNER SHOULD BE AWARE OF THIS CLOSED BID WHEN CONTRACTING WITH OTHERS OR UNDERTAKING THE WORK HIMSELF / HERSELF”.

TONS of information can be pulled from the California Pest Control Board’s website at: One of their documents is 152 pages long, another is 600 pages! Look for their 12 page booklet from the State of California which has a bunch of Q & A on pest requirements.

This particular issue hit me hard when I sold my own house (before getting into this business).

My Realtor at the time (the same agent who didn’t tell me about Supplemental Property Taxes) told me that a licensed contractor had to do the pest repairs, and that it HAD to be the same company who did the inspection.

I found out later – once I took the “Legal Aspects of Real Estate” course for my broker’s license - that wasn’t true. Anyone can do the repairs. Most of the time when representing a Seller, we have the Seller do their own repairs. Once the repairs are complete, you should have the original pest company come back out for a “re-inspect”, but even that isn’t legally required!

I even did one repair for a client in May of this year. They were having a baby, and couldn’t get to the last repair. So I helped them out.

So be aware – when working with pest inspection companies and vendors. It is part of the process to have them bid for the repair work. Their bids were reasonable…. before this current economic crisis. Now we are seeing some outrageously high bids from these same companies. They too are hurting, and need to generate revenue just like any other business.

- Jim

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