Sep 3, 2008

Northern California Professionals Group

Hello Neighbors,

Exciting times indeed. Many of you have used our partners for your needs that are tangent to the real estate (home owners insurance, a CPA, Financial Advisor, etc.) business.

We co-host a group called the "Northern California Professionals Group" which is the combined team with people from these complimentary businesses.

Finally (after a little over 2 years) we are getting our act together! We are producing a formal website that will let you see who the extended team is. All of the contact information for our peers will be available from this website.

The URL is: ...but beware, it's just getting off the ground. It will be thin on content until the beginning of October.

Stay tuned though, as this group is very important to Neighborly Realty. The group is made up of professionals who are in business for the right reasons - to serve. They are trustworthy and reliable partners. They are folks who do business like we do business, for the right reasons...

Many thanks, and keep your eyes on the new web site!

- Jim

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