Aug 25, 2008

4 More at Neighborly Realty to Better Serve You !!

Hello Neighbors,

Sorry (again) for the delay in blog updates.

It's been an exciting and wild couple of weeks.

Neighborly Realty is now a team of 8 - yes, 8 !!!

As many of you know, we are a different kind of real estate shop. We aren't in this for the "big bucks". We are in this to do the right thing for our clients, their families, and investors who need a helping hand.

Well, the momentum behind this vision has become overwhelming! Not only are our phones ringing off the hook with clients who want help - but a few agents have also jumped in to practice the Neighborly Way.

We are very pleased to announce that Jeff Engle and Peter Bond have signed up! They are practicing Realtors who like the Neighborly way of doing business and treating people.

How are we handling this growth at a time when the industry is hurting? We've brought in even more help!

A young lady named Jamie has joined us as a coach, training specialist, and mentor. A young man named John has also joined and will be helping us develop a formal Office Manager position.

The end result to you?

Darn good service.

Welcome Jeff, Peter, Jamie, and John to the Neighborly Team!!

- Jim

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