Oct 14, 2010

Neighborly Financial – Now Doing FHA Loans !!

Hello Neighbors,

WELL DONE to John Graham and the Neighborly Financial team!

They received confirmation a few days ago that Neighborly Financial can now do FHA loans.

This is the conclusion of a 3 year plan to roll out more services to Neighborly Financial’s clients.

Neighborly Financial can now help you with:

• Conventional Loans
• Jumbo Loans
• VA
• And a variety of other programs

Some industry experts estimate that over 50% of loans done today are FHA.

The steps required to get this certification are quite rigorous. Some agencies have had to post $250,000 security bonds to get this capability.

This opens up a huge new opportunity for your purchase and re-fi needs, and includes some loan products that hover around 97.5% financing!

Please do give Neighborly Financial a call for more detail.

Again, this is huge news and we congratulate the team!

- Jim

Blogging has been slow this summer, and we apologize. Why? The good news is that Neighborly continues to help and increasing number of clients with their real estate and lending needs, which limit "office" time. Client need is the #1 priority.





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