Apr 21, 2010

Neighborly Joins Tahoe Sierra Board

Hello Neighbors,

Neighborly joined our 4th Realtor board today, the Tahoe-Sierra board.

If interested, their web site is: http://www.tahoemls.com/index.cfm

Neighborly is now officially part of:

* Placer County Association of Realtors
* Sacramento Association of Realtors
* Nevada County Association of Realtors
* Tahoe Sierra Association of Realtors.


We have another client who needs better information in the Tahoe area than the "standard" Placer County and Nevada County MLS systems provide. The Tahoe area is on a smaller MLS system than the rest of the nearby counties. They are supposed to list properties in the major MLS systems too, but we are done fighting that battle.


Should you need help with vacation property in Tahoe, or even your primary residence in Tahoe, we now have even better information.

Many thanks,

- Jim




www.PartnerWithNeighborly.com (Good video content, but web site in development)

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