Oct 2, 2009

Neighborly Financial Joins Calaveras County Search & Rescue Efforts

Hello Neighbors,

John Graham, manager of Neighborly Financial is back.

He's been gone for the last several days, helping a search and rescue effort in a neighboring county.

From John:

I went to help search for the missing deer hunter in Calaveras County, last Wednesday. We spent all day looking for the subject. We were able to track his footsteps from the truck for about 7 miles, step by step, until darkness forced us to retreat for the night. Attached is a photo of the footprint we were following during the Calaveras County search. As of Friday, his location is still unknown. I have no details on the outcome, other than he is alive.

I am a member of the Placer County Sherriff's Search and Rescue team. We are recognized as one of the largest and better trained teams in the state, and therefore we get called out to assist with searches in many other counties. We assist with both backcountry and urban searches, for missing hikers, hunters, motorcycle riders, children and Alzheimer's patients. We also assist the Sherriff with evidence searches for criminal cases. We get called out about once or twice a month. Volunteers spend many hours training and in the field on searches. We all serve as ground searchers, willing to hike in any conditions and any terrain, but also we are divided into teams with specialties in 4WD, radio communications, motorcycles, mountain rescue, horses, and canine search, to name a few.

NICE work John. Another example of supporting our local community. We love doing it, just wish it wasn't a tough story.

Our thoughts go out to this family as they continue the search,





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