Aug 18, 2009

HUD Homes, We Got 'em !!

Hello Neighbors!

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce our affiliation with HUD! After pushing for 11 months with their subcontractor, we now have keys! Yep, we can get into any HUD home in California, help you write offers ("Bids" in the HUD world), and get you into one of these homes.

What is a HUD Home?

A HUD Home is a single family home or other type of residence that is backed by the Federal Housing Administration / FHA (through "Mortgage Insurance" aka "MIP") and is now in foreclosure. Once a home backed by the FHA goes into foreclosure, it is deeded back to HUD by the lending mortgage company. This is how HUD "forecloses" on Mortgage Insurance when the Buyer defaults.

Why is this Important?

1) It's not rocket science. As more home owners default, the amount of "inventory" HUD will take back will grow.

2) HUD doesn't use the same MLS lockbox system that 99% of the homes for sale use. They have keys to the locks on the doors, that they issue to HUD approved Real Estate companies. A regular Realtor can't get in with a lockbox to a HUD home - they need the keys! We've Got Them !!

3) The purchase offer process is different with HUD homes. They don't use the normal contracts that we use for most transactions in California. They use their own on-line systems to make offers (bids) and to let the Buyers know where they stand. Real Estate companies can't submit offers on HUD homes unless they've been pre-approved by HUD and issued a special code (called a "NAID" number". We've got a NAID number and are ready to go!

Next steps?

Take a look at the items to the right. You will see a section on HUD Homes. You can review inventory (see what is on the market).

Call us and we can help you with a HUD home!

- Jim

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