May 19, 2009

Loan Modification Program - Would You be Interested?

Hello Neighbors,

We have the option of teaming up with a very heavy hitter in the loan modification space.

Would this be of interest to you?

Please do let me know by emailing:


You know I find this segment of the lending industry to be a bit "fuzzy". In some respects, these loan mod guys are the new sharks. I truly believe many are the sub-prime lenders from a few years ago.

The DRE (Department of Real Estate) is scrambling to create new legislation to regulate these guys. There is a bunch of legal stuff in the works at the CA legislature level too. That business doesn’t require licensing of any kind, and their success rates aren’t as high as they should be. Those that take money first (before performing the service) are actually in violation of CA business code.

Through Neighborly Financial, we have the opportunity to become an affiliate of a larger organization.

They’ve covered some of my immediate legal fears right off the bat:

* They take their fees up front, BUT hold them in a trust fund and don’t pull from the fund until certain process points are reached.
* Their contract to do this (require the fees) has been approved by the Department of Real Estate.
* They do a quick “triage” at the beginning of the engagement to see if they realistically can help. If they can’t, they don’t take the up front fee.
* After spending the effort to get the mod done, If they fail in their effort they refund roughly 30% of the upfront fee to the borrower (the 70% has already been collected by them, used to pay staff and overhead while trying to get the mod done).
* Their account manager shared with me that their success rates are really high – 90% and above.

Knowing this segment of the lending industry is continuing to evolve - and because client's opinion drives so much of how we operate - what do you think? Is this service of interest to you?

It would allow us to offer another option to those of you who we can't help re-fi.

Please do let me know your thoughts via email to:

Many thanks,

- Jim

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