Apr 21, 2009

1-800-960-0860 - A New Information Service !!

Hello Neighbors,

Just an FYI.

Please make a note of this toll free telephone number: 1-800-960-0860

It is our newest vehicle to get you up to date industry information. Much like this blog, we do our best to get you current news in a manner that fits your schedule. This new toll free number is available 24 hours a day, with messages we've recorded.

Stay tuned. As we create more informational messages, we will get the word out through this forum (blog), our web site, and email.

PLEASE - if you have a topic you would like to hear about, let me know! Drop me an email at Jim@NeighborlyRealty.com or call at 916.801.3940.

Many thanks, and happy calling!

- Jim



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