Mar 2, 2009

The CA $10,000 Tax Credit for Buyers

Hello Neighbors,

I'm still digging for more info on this, so stay tuned.

To sum it up very briefly though, it looks like buyers of "new" houses get a credit of $10,000 or 5% of the purchase price - whichever is less. The sale must be made between 3/1/09- 3/1/10 and must be a primary residence.

This is for the purchase of newly constructed homes only, and appears to be targeted at restarting segments of the construction industry.

I've heard rumors about other CA credits for non-new, but am still digging around for details.

Remember - we can help you negotiate with new construction. It is REALLY fun for us, and very financially worthwhile to the Buyer.

We saved one couple nearly $124,000 last year on new construction!

- Jim

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