Feb 23, 2009

An Inside Look at Foreclosures - Video

Hello Neighbors,

Many thanks to Patty at HP for sending this video along:


I haven't been to the "Inland Empire" down South to look at real estate yet, but we experience exactly the same things up here in Northern California.

What happens to personal belongings when a home is foreclosed upon?

What happens to pools?

Watch this video and see. "Trash Outs" are something done on a regular basis - historically though, it's been in apartments and duplexes. Now the same processes are used with 4000+ square foot homes. Very sad.

Pools? If you are looking at bank owned property, and you see an empty pool - or a pool with only half the water - BE CAREFUL. Pools are designed to hold the weight of the water. When the water is gone, they can actually "pop". A good pool inspector is important.

Those mosquito eating fish? We see them all the time... placed in the pools by the county / city teams. In our area, the pools are actually located by overhead flight teams.

- Jim


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