Jan 14, 2009

Bay Area - See You on January 22nd

Hello new Neighbors,

Neighborly Realty has been asked to present to a company in the Bay Area on the 22nd of January. This company is going through a large relocation effort, and will be moving folks from the Bay Area to the Placer County and Sacramento County Areas.

We are honored to be asked, and will do our very best to help you all with this transition.

PLEASE feel free to email or call if you have any questions. We are hear to help. We've been in your positions too - in our corporate (pre real estate) careers. We sympathize, and will do our very best to get you the information you need - as quickly as you need.

We are clients of your company. We've been members since 1992. You've served us well over the last 17 years, and we would like to repay you by doing our very best to help your families.

We look forward to our sessions on the 22nd, and thank you again for this opportunity to help,

- Jim


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