Oct 9, 2008

The New “Resolution Trust Corporation”?

In our January 2008 newsletter we mentioned an entity from the past called the “Resolution Trust Corporation”.

We also mentioned that entity in a few blog posts in the Spring and Summer.

Well, the government folks are now starting to talk along the same lines. History is destined to repeat itself.

Although they are at a very high level when talking about this model, there will likely be some fundamental differences.

The RTC was created to bail out the S&Ls who went under in the 1980s. They bought hard assets (apartment complexes, commercial buildings, etc) whereas this round seems to be targeted on paper assets (the bad mortgages, credit swap instruments, etc.).

A few of our business partners were able to take advantage of the RTC fire sale prices, buying apartment complexes for pennies on the dollar. We missed those opportunities, but hope to be in on this next round.

How? We aren’t sure yet… but stay tuned. If we can figure it out, we’ll share the knowledge with you.

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