May 21, 2008

The Market is Turning

We posted a note here in March that said the market was turning. We provided actual data from our own offers / sales to support the ramp up in activity. At the time, the data was confirming that the $300,000 and under segment was booming.


Now the $400,000s are starting to see similar action.

A few days ago, we tried to submit an offer on a bank owned house listed at $419,000 in Roseville. We were too late. Within 6 days the home went from ACTIVE (for sale, no offers) to SOLD (escrow done!). Amazing. The sales price was $415,000.

No chance for a competing offer, no backup offers accepted. Done.

Today I was standing in a home in Orangevale with a client. The list price for this home is in the mid $200,000s. WHILE WE WERE THERE - 3 other Realtors came through with their clients. This was in the span of roughly 25 minutes. Middle of the work day (a Wednesday at 3:15pm).

I had another agent call me yesterday to ask advise. He isn't with Neighborly Realty, but he's a good guy so we helped him out.

He was going after a Short Sale. His Buyer was tired of waiting on Short Sales and/or missing the chance to even submit an offer. He was effectively "done" with this process and wanted to know how to act.

He submitted an offer for that client that was $15,000+ above list price. He was competing against 3 other offers.

The market is turning. Those who aren't seeing these trends and who are waiting for the "bottoming out" are going to miss this chance.

Keep watching this space. I will continue to post real-world experiences. Ignore the popular press. I will post the actual transaction data, and let you be the judge.

Many thanks,

- Jim

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