Jan 29, 2008

2008 Newsletters are On Their Way!

The Neighborly Realty 2008 (First Quarter) newsletter is ready and on it's way!

PDF copies of the six page update are being emailed as I type this.

Hardcopy mailings won't go out as quickly though, as we are looking for a new printer to help with the process. Any suggestions, email me!

Highlights include:

  • Who Neighborly Realty served in 2007
  • Update on the Mortgage Industry
  • REOs and Short Sales - Defined and Discussed
  • Should I Sell?
  • Should I Buy?
  • Our Network of Professionals in Complementary Businesses
  • Round Three of Apartment Investments
  • About Neighborly Realty

Would you like a copy of this update in either .pdf form or hardcopy (via US Mail)? If so, just send me a quick email: Jim@NeighborlyRealty.com Highlights will be included in this blog.

Thanks, and Happy 2008!

- Jim

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